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Hi! I am following Chris Blakely’s tutorial on building and launching an enterprise level food ordering platform (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to include a link to his youtube video, but for anyone interested, the title of the video is pretty much the bolded above). I have followed his steps to deploying both the frontend static site and backend web service on render, but while it works fine when deployed on my local machine, I am unable to access my user-profile page nested within a protected route. I tried removing the protected route and the other features are behaving as expected. I have included the rewrite rule of changing “/*” to “/index.html”, my protected route returns an if isAuthenticated, and otherwise.
My github is /MelvinCZJ and the repo name is mern-food-ordering-app-frontend and the site is deployed to if anyone is free to help me out with this!

Hi there,

It looks like your call to /api/my/user on your backend is giving a 401 response. You can see this if you open the browser console when making the request to the user’s profile.

I don’t see any logs in your backend service that indicate why this may occur, so you may need to add some additional logging to see what is happening.


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