Unable to deploy Go web service

I have a web service built using the Go Fiber framework and I have not been able to successfully deploy it. I have tried multiple times for over two weeks now.
PS: Render logs are not so helpful.

I mean, what is this?
Aug 18 11:00:48 AM ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes…
Aug 18 11:03:17 AM ==> Uploading build…
Aug 18 11:03:58 AM ==> Build uploaded in 27s
Aug 18 11:03:58 AM ==> Build successful :tada:
Aug 18 11:03:58 AM ==> Deploying…
Aug 18 11:04:37 AM ==> Starting service with ‘./app’
Aug 18 11:04:37 AM bash: ./app: Permission denied

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

The current logging I’m seeing appears to show a permission issue with your built binary:

Aug 18 10:04:37 AM ==> Starting service with './app'Aug 18 10:04:37 AM bash: ./app: Permission denied

To double-check if there were any issues on our side, I spun up a quick Fiber example mostly based on their Hello World recipe, (using the placeholder Build & Start Commands) and it deployed fine:

# main.gopackage mainimport ( "log" "os" "github.com/gofiber/fiber/v2")func main() { // Fiber instance app := fiber.New() // Routes app.Get("/", hello) // Get the PORT from env port := os.Getenv("PORT") // If PORT is blank, fallback if os.Getenv("PORT") == "" { port = "3000" } // Start server log.Fatal(app.Listen(":" + port))}// Handlerfunc hello(c *fiber.Ctx) error { return c.SendString("Hello, World 👋!")}

Please let us know if we can assist any further.


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