Unable deploy my testing App

I’m trying to deploy a test app to learn and then purchase a more pro account for my mobile apps. This application is made with NodeJs, Typescript, Express… but I can’t deploy it. I have made all the possible changes by reading the forum but it never deploys. It always tells me that it cannot find the index.js module.

Now, I have changed the Build command to:“npm install” and Start command to: “node ./index.js”, I still have an error deploying my application and it says “Error: Cannot find module ‘/opt/render/project/src/index.js’”. My package.json is:

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Hey Gacib, the error is not from your Package.json, the error is from what you used in your render root directory.

"Check what you used here "

and also let me see your folder structure.
Note: If your Index.js file is at the root of your application, you can just use dot (.) as your Root Directory

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