Typescript app execution path

I’ve seen the other messages and tried the solutions offered and guessed a lot of paths. It is trying to run /opt/render/project/src/built/app.js but the built folder should not be under the src but rather at the same level. I’ve tried adding dots, etc.

I can’t see the folder so I don’t know that it built or where it put it but there are no errors. I’m making the assumption that the output is somewhere under /opt/render/project/

This builds and runs on my PC and another server I was hoping to see if it could run here before opting for a paid account.

Is there any way to resolve it short of me guessing for an hour?

Oh, I tried setting the TS output dir to the root so that app.js would be there instead of the built folder, it didn’t work.


Repos are cloned under /opt/render/project/srcSo any paths would be relative from there, so if you have your own src folder in your repo the full path would be /opt/render/project/src/src


Thank you much. I’ll give it a try.

Well I tried a few more combinations and I can’t seem to guess the proper one. Possibly app.js isn’t being built but I see no errors.

Could someone with a project written in TS who experienced this issue let me know what they finally used for settings? In my project the source is expected in ./src folder and output is directed to ./built and as I mentioned in my local build it all works. On another server it all works. I just can’t see the output here. Thanks.

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