Tuning Puma Webserver with Rails

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One of the maintainers states:

The only time you should run more than 1 worker per core is if you are running with 1 thread in the threadpool (e.g. threads 1,1)

Heroku is a special case. As their chart says, you are not actually getting 1 vCPU - it is “n/a”. That’s because eco/basic/standard dynos on Heroku are actually cpu-timesliced across 8 vCPUs (not guaranteed, this is just how it is implemented last time I checked). So on Heroku, their advice makes sense, because there is actually more than 1 logical core available.

For the Standard compute tier on Render - would we be configuring Puma to run as one worker on a single core or more because we’re on shared vCPU?


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There is no one right answer to this question. You will need to find the right combination what works best for your service, and every service may behave differently.

I would recommend you start by trying between 1-3 workers and around 5 threads. Then let your service run while checking the CPU and memory metrics. Better still, set up some performance tests for your service and then check your metrics.


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