Trouble installing Ghost

I’m installing Ghost on Render.

I followed this article. Deploy Ghost | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers
Everything was followed correctly yet I see this error message.

Apr 22 09:15:45 AM  Migration lock was never released or currently a migration is running.
Apr 22 09:15:45 AM  
Apr 22 09:15:45 AM  "If you are sure no migration is running, check your data and if your database is in a broken state, you could run `yarn knex-migrator rollback`."
Apr 22 09:15:45 AM  
Apr 22 09:15:45 AM  Error ID:
Apr 22 09:15:45 AM      500

Can you share any info with me to fix this issue?


Hi Hyunghwan,

I just tried out the Ghost example, using the blueprint, and did get that same message on my first attempt to deploy.

However, I triggered a Manual Deploy of the latest commit, which started up successfully.

Could you try a fresh deploy, triggering a manual deploy if the first one fails and let me know how that goes?



I am getting the same error after Manual Deploy of the latest commit.

Hi there,

Since I am able to deploy the example successfully, I suspect there must be something unique to your deployments that I’d need to look at.

I’d suggest you open a ticket and include your service id so we can troubleshoot what’s happening for your particular service.



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