Telegram bot api session conflict

I am trying to deploy a python script which uses a telegram bot to check for messages and then creates a wordpress post from it. But when i deploy the script image, the log shows an error that more than one instance for telegram bot is running and therfore the getupdates funtion was terminated. How can a solve this error.

Any one facing similar issues?

Yeah, this can happen if you’re deploying your bot as a web service but your bot isn’t attached to a webserver. Web services need a health check to know that everything is working, and a the typical telegram script doesn’t have that built in.

You can run it as a background worker (paid feature) and you should be able to drop your bot in there, or port your bot over to use webhooks instead. I’m not sure which client library you’re using, but if you’re using python-telegram-bot you should be able to port your code over with minimal fuss. More detail here

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