Subdomain SSL cert stuck in pending is stuck in a certificate pending state for no obvious reason. I believe it should take minutes and its taking far longer.

Any known issues around this? I’ve found a few other posts that seem to indicate a similar issue sometimes pops up for people.

I was able to successfully validate a second domain on the same service. instead of

seems like there is definitely some sort of issue.

Hi @amcclosky

it looks fine now from where I am. I too have noticed that it can take quite a bit of time for the certificate to be issued. I’m not sure if that is an issue with render specifically or one of the upstream services used.

the original subdomain never confirmed. I ended up deleting it and switching to the one that is working now.

I suspect it has to do with different render service having as its domain and the subdomain that failed being having that as its root.

That shouldn’t cause any issues as such but maybe someone from render can shed some light on it.

Hi @amcclosky,

Can you share your DNS settings and the service so I can take a look? Feel free to send them in a DM.