Strapi V4 lose these medias files on every deploy on Render


On every deploy of my Strapi V4 i lose my medias library, each files path are broken.

Do you have an idea of what’s happen with this issue

i use this config to deploy on render

- type: web
  name: phd-strapi
  env: node
  plan: starter
  region: frankfurt
  buildCommand: yarn && yarn workspace strapi build
  startCommand: yarn workspace strapi start
  healthCheckPath: /_health
    name: strapi-uploads
    mountPath: /opt/render/project/src/public/uploads
    sizeGB: 1
    - key: NODE_VERSION
      value: 16.15.1
    - key: NODE_ENV
      value: production
    - key: DATABASE_URL
        name: phd-inov-database
        property: connectionString
    - key: JWT_SECRET
      generateValue: true
      generateValue: true
    - key: APP_KEYS
      generateValue: true
    - key: API_TOKEN_SALT
      generateValue: true


It sounds like it’s possible that the files are being stored on ephemeral storage rather than the disk. Files stored on the disk should persist between deploys. Based on the render.yaml, it looks like the disk is mounted at /opt/render/project/src/public/uploads - can you check via the web shell or ssh that your files are being stored at that path correctly? We’re also happy to take a closer look, if you can let us know the email associated with your Render account (feel free to DM this or email to

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