Strapi stability issues?

Hey there!

I was using the starter plan for a strapi project until i got an unhealthy warning inside render so i checked the strapi docs which told me about the minimum requirements of 1cpu and 2gb ram.

So i bumped up the plan to standard to meet these requirements. Still i get unhealthy warnings which lead to increasing the plan even more.

The error thrown is this one here:

It seems to have something to do with the environment and/or the server specs.

But eventhough my project meets the requirements it still shows the error and i just can’t believe a simple strapi instance would cost me 50$ a month…

Am i doing something wrong here?

Any help is very much appreciated!


Still having this issue with Standard Plus plan (50$ a month, 3gb RAM, 1.5 CPU).

Can’t be the low performance, can it?

Here’s a screenshot of the error from the logs:

I’d be interested in finding more out about your setup here - that looks like you’re using MySQL, how are you using that on us? Are you deploying it as a Docker service or are you bringing your own from another provider?

I wonder if there’s a race condition where you are deploying your service and it’s deploying both your webservice and a Docker container and the webservice is booting faster than the Docker container so the ECONNRESET is raised perhaps?


John B

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