Static IPs for Background Service

Is there a way to assign a static IP to a particular Background Service?
I have a background service that maintains a WebSocket connection to a public service.

Services like QuotaGuard don’t suit my use case because they’re generally designed for HTTP traffic and not long-running connections.

I’m not able to identify you from your email here to give you a concrete answer.

If you’re using our Oregon region and are an older Render customer then it’s not possible. If you’re using any other region or a newer Render customer then traffic originating from that region will exit on a group of IPs (visible in the ‘connect’ tab in dashboard) that are shared across customers in the same region.

That’s the only option right now.

John B

Hi John,

Maybe you misunderstood my question: is it possible to assign a static IP (of our choice) to a particular service?

Platforms like Discord and Twitch actively throttle and deny requests when they think they’re being spammed, which can happen when using shared infrastructure like

Ah ok, that’s not possible.

John B

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