Getting outbound ip's for old services

I’ve been using Render for a few years, and very stoked to get Outbound ip’s for my services as my database is in GCP.

What is the best strategy for getting old-established services to use the new feature? I read that I’d have to transfer team, but is there an easier way?

Hi Joshua, thanks for writing in.

Let me check with our eng team to see if we can enable Static Outbound IPs for you under the hood. Which of your services needs it?


are the slugs for the services

Hi Joshua,

I’m sorry we’re unable to make the update in a seamless way for those services. The only option is to create a new Team and create a service in that team, that service will have Static Outbound IPs. Note that it has to be a new service, you cannot transfer the service to the new team. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

is there any way for me to copy the settings of a service?

Do you happen to have defined these settings in Blueprint spec? If you have, you can change the name of the services in the Blueprint and Render will create new services when you sync the Blueprint.

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