Starting Budget for Django Python Project

Hi, Everyone

What will be the Starting budget for the Following Django Python Project ?

My site will do the following things:

  1. I have around 1000 plus images (not all will be called from the database)

  2. Database Used is PostgreSQL

  3. Users can register either through social media or My website.

  4. Users can like or share the image on other social media websites. but CANNOT upload Images.

  5. Only the Admin can upload Images for now.

  6. Will use Redis for cache and celery to send emails for user registration.

Thanks :slight_smile:

$7 for a starter service to run the Django app
$7 for a starter database

If you are serving the images from Render then Render Disk @ .25/GB month

If you are running celery from another VPS then $7 for a private or background service

Not another $7 for a redis database ?

Yep, another $7 for a redis docker service.

But you can stack those kinds of things right ? Like running redis + django or redis + celery in the same “service” instance by specifying it in the .yaml file ? ( I’m still testing render, haven’t yet used it for production )

If you create a custom docker image you could run them all from the same container. Make sure to scale up the memory and CPU cores if you are doing that. I would suggest running them each on their own service if your budget allows.

Thanks for the reply, that’s still good to know it’s doable, could be handy for testing or at really small scale for some use cases.