SSL Problem not happening on heroku

Hello i’m trying to migrate my signaling server ro render
The app was hosted on heroku and worked fine but since my migration, connection cannot be established anymore. The app works perfect on localhost as soon as a ssl certificate exists.

I’m running a node js server using getconfig package to handle the server creation over http or https Since i have no keys to upload to github it always start http but i never had to handle this on heroku.

Maybe there is a way to manage ssl keys/cert on render ?
if ( {
server = require(‘https’).Server({
key: fs.readFileSync(config.server.key),
cert: fs.readFileSync(config.server.cert),
passphrase: config.server.password
}, server_handler);
} else {
server = require(‘http’).Server(server_handler);


Can anyone help me ?

Best regards

Hey there,

I’m curious how you do this on Heroku? There’s no need to bring your own certs or such like - we handle all of this so you can just expose an http port,


John B

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