sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) unable to use function MATCH in the requested context

I am deploying a flask API which serves car listings on render from GitHub. It has its own SQLite 3 database. The problem is that when the API is called with the specified parameters some of the SQL queries dont execute and give the error as sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) unable to use function MATCH in the requested context.
The same code works fine on my local machine. I contacted render support and they suggested to attach a disk but i dont know how to attach a disk and nor do i think the issue is limited to this because the 1st query works fine on the service.
Kindly help.

Hi Maaz,

I did a quick chat GPT search and found the following:

The error message you’re encountering, sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) unable to use function MATCH in the requested context, typically occurs when you try to use the MATCH function in SQLite within a context where it’s not allowed.

In SQLite, the MATCH function is typically used in the context of full-text search, which requires creating a special type of virtual table (FTS3 or FTS4). However, you might be trying to use MATCH in a regular query or in a context where full-text search is not enabled.

Here are some potential reasons for this error and how to resolve it:

  1. Using MATCH in a regular query: If you’re trying to use MATCH in a regular query without specifying a full-text search virtual table, SQLite will raise an error. To fix this, you need to create a virtual table with full-text search enabled and then use MATCH within queries against that table.
  2. Incorrect syntax or usage: Ensure that you’re using the MATCH function correctly according to SQLite’s syntax rules. The syntax for MATCH typically involves specifying a column or columns to search against and a search query.
  3. Unsupported SQLite version: Make sure you’re using a version of SQLite that supports full-text search. Versions prior to 3.7.4 don’t support the MATCH function. Check your SQLite version using sqlite3.version.
  4. Database configuration: If you’re using SQLite within a larger application or framework, such as SQLAlchemy, ensure that the database configuration enables full-text search support. This might involve specifying the correct SQLite version or enabling specific features in the connection or configuration settings.
  5. Check for ORM support: If you’re using SQLAlchemy’s ORM functionality, ensure that your model definitions and queries are compatible with full-text search. SQLAlchemy may have its own conventions or requirements for using full-text search features.

Since this is a SQLite3/SQLAlchemy question, you may have better luck finding a subject matter expert in a SQLite3 or Python community.



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