SQL-based database backups not available


I run two databases in a single PostgreSQL instance. As per documentation, there should be two kinds of snapshots: a SQL-based backup and a filesystem backup.

Yet, I can only see filesystem backups available for download. Restoring from these type of backup has it’s limitations and is not practical.

Am I misreading the documentation or there is an issue with SQL-based backups and multiple databases?

Please advise. Thank you in advance!


Apologies, due to a misconfiguration a reply one of our engineers posted never made it back to you here -

I’m sorry that the logical backups weren’t working for you. We’ve found a bug in our system due to an edge case with a missing database that we’re working on fixing. In the mean time, if you create a database with the name eve_calendars_com_6ay3 that should get your logical backups working.

I can now find the SQL-based backups. Thank you for the heads up.

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