Restoring postgresql with backup

I want to use the backups from 4 days ago for my postgresql database to restore it to a previous point but I don’t have much experience with this database and I can only download the backups for the last 2 days, I thought we’d be able to keep them for at least 7 days. When I try to download anything before the 3rd of March I get an internal server error. Can someone walk me through the process of restoring the database and let me know if this would be possible at all to restore it to the last available backup. Thanks in advance.

This is being handled through a separate support channel.

Yes, sorry. I tried to delete this but I can’t. Thanks for the help

Would have been good to see the solution here, having this problem as well.

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Agreed - I could also use a reference on what’s the best way to take one of the backups in the db dashboard, and restoring it

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