Springboot app, deploy failed

Hello everybody, i’m trying to deploy an springboot app in a docker container. I tried several times, but it does’t work, my dockerfile is that way :

FROM amazoncorretto:17-alpine-jdk
COPY /out/artifacts/agilstratApi_jar agilstratApi.jar
ENTRYPOINT [“java”, “-jar”, “agilstratApi.jar”]

the log return me this error:

Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile agilstratApi.jar

i tried rebuild my app on local, and updating my github repo… but nothings change, i always have that error message! i have searched up in google and found no answer, any idea or tip to solve ir?

thanks a lot!

Your built JAR has no extension specified in the source directory. Did you mean to use a period (.) instead of an underscore (_)?

COPY /out/artifacts/agilstratApi_jar agilstratApi.jar

You’d likely want to use

COPY /out/artifacts/agilstratApi.jar agilstratApi.jar

Thanks for reply me!
It has an underscore because it’s a directory name.

I have tried to run the jar file on local and its fail too!

So that’s the problem! App not start from jar file!

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