Spring boot turns on but unresponsive

Hi, I’m having issues deploying my SpringBoot application.

Application starts, it is unresponsive for a few minutes and then just shutdowns.

Here is my Dockerfile:

FROM openjdk:17-alpine AS builder

COPY ../.mvn .mvn
COPY ../mvnw .
COPY ../pom.xml .
COPY ../src src
RUN chmod +x mvnw

RUN ./mvnw clean package

FROM openjdk:17-alpine

COPY --from=builder target/*.jar /app.jar


ENTRYPOINT ["java","-jar","/app.jar"]

I have server.port: ${PORT:8080} with PORT env. variable set to 8080.

I had the same issue.
It’s fixed by adding / as a Health Check Path (Settings)
see How Deploys Work | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

But actually it is not usefull
The first 10 minutes it is ok - it answers requests and you see the health-check-requests being answered every 5 seconds.
Then after 10-15 minutes the springboot application is restarted for some reason and it becomes unreachable - it does not answer any requests anymore

@fp53524 Did you get this figured out - looks like the services in your account are all green now?

It is working now, I ended up removing actuator, for some reason it just stopped compiling the code at some point, so for the time being, removing the actuator is the solution.

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