Installing Python 3.9

I apologize for the noob question. What’s the right way to install Python 3.9 from the web service shell?

Hi @ArkanoidBob, welcome to the Render community. You can specify the PYTHON_VERSION environment variable to a valid Python version (3.7 and above are valid) when deploying your service Specifying a Python Version | Render.

Thanks for your reply Tyler.
Tried that but things didn’t change.
Checking on /usr/bin the only python versions installed are 2.7 and 3.7. So, let’s say I want to use v3.9.6, do I need to set Docker up?

The changes should take effect after you re-deploy your service, can you try doing that? You can go to your dashboard and select Manual Deploy > Deploy Latest Commit.

It works beautifully! :slight_smile: