[Solved] Web service & scheduled puppeteer times out at 15mins

Hi Render team,

I’m attempting to schedule puppeteer jobs in Node for a web scraping project. However my service times out after 15mins or so. What are the likeliest reasons my service times out at 15 mins?

I’m unaware if I’m violating TOS or something of the matter.

Ah I think I can see why. The script is likely freezing the app within the deploy stage.

Deployment times out after 15 minutes.

Deployment time outs are usually caused by health checks never passing. Make sure your app responds with a 200 status code for the health check endpoint defined in your service settings.

The solution in the end was to run it on upon server startup. Hindsight, it makes sense now.

For those familiar with Express, I made sure to run my puppeteer script on the server’s “listen” event.

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