Slow performance with Python Bokeh

Hello, I have a very simple app designed in Python and using Bokeh.

It appears that it has very poor performance compared to my local version (and to a similar program I deployed on Heroku).

The command that I use to run it is:

bokeh serve --num-procs=0 --address= --use-xheaders src/

Is the poor performance expected in render, for a free plan? Or maybe Bokeh needs some special configuration?

Hi Francesco,

Without metrics, it’s hard to say where the bottleneck is for your application.

If you temporarily upgrade to a paid plan you’d be able to take a look at your Memory and CPU consumption to get a good idea of what might be going on there. If you do that, snap a screenshot of your metrics before reverting back to the free plan.

It is worth noting that Heroku and Render are architected in different ways that don’t exactly make it an apples-to-apples comparison when comparing plans.



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