Service via host:port unreachable after re-deploy

Hi, my docker kafka image is not anymore reachable by the host:port combination after a re-deploy. It took me really a lot of hours as I was inspecting a bad configuration and re-deployed multiple times. Only a new fresh deployed instance works out-of-the-box, but your configuration should be the right one :slight_smile:

Hi @ce_faci ,

I’m happy to look into this. There are a few extra details that would help me investigate.

What Render configuration are you referring to that didn’t seem right? How were you creating your service and configuring it?

Hi @dan many thanks for your reply!

  • No, sorry, no render configuration, the KAFKA docker ENV vars to start the server correctly to work.
  • Render just normally as private or web service, nothing extra.

I am pretty sure it’s not a ‘’ thingy now, it must be something with the startup, the complex setting and a bug in my kafka docker that summed to multiple problems and was difficult to investigate. Sorry for my previous post.

So I create a service with e.g. the name kafka-1 then I got host:port e.g. kafka-1:10000 and then kafka starts properly the main important ENV variable the advertised listener PLAINTEXT://kafka-1:10000. This works great, in the first deploy, kafka-1 finds itself in the in progress startup and outside clients can connect as well. In the re-deploy it doesn’t find itself anymore and outside clients can’t connect to the host:port combination.
But I think it’s more complicated, I investigated more, as it works if I suspended kafka, deleted, deployed and re-deployed the zookeeper (host:port always fine) and then kafka with kafka-1:10000. If I re-deploy kafka (need to change the PORT, e.g. kafka-1:10001 as there seems to be a bug in the kafka docker as well) it goes live, but it can’t find itself:

Connection to node 1014 (kafka-1/ could not be established. Broker may not be available. (org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient)


{“level”:“ERROR”,“timestamp”:“2021-05-18T11:14:00.664Z”,“logger”:“kafkajs”,“message”:"[BrokerPool] Failed to connect to seed broker, trying another broker from the list: Connection error: connect ECONNREFUSED",“retryCount”:16,“retryTime”:30000}

Thanks for all the extra detail. I’m unfortunately not too familiar with kafka and zookeeper, and how they interact, but it seems like you’re on the right track. If you do end up suspecting some issue with how Render is interacting in this, please do let me know and I’ll help dig in :slight_smile: