Server Error 500 On Web Service Using Render PostgresSQL

The logs on the web service do not tell me anything. Its returns error 500 when a user logins or registers an account on the website so I imagine it has to do something with the SQL DB on Render. The database declarations connections I have one in the render.yaml file (database → host: internal database URL also added the key-value pair user-> dbusername & password-> dbpassword) one in Django folder and they both use the internal database URL connection string. I ran a restore on the database to populate is with data but when I tried to use the username and password I create on the local instance, it gave the 500 error still. Also I noticed in the PostgreSQL instance on Render
a connection like this keep appearing every 10 seconds.

Hi there,

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error issues are typically the result of code that throws an unhandled exception that can sometimes crash the server (or restart it). As these are usually traced back to problems in code, we will be limited in our ability to help here.

The main recommendation we can give at this point is to increase the logging output detail from your application so you will have better insight into the specific underlying error getting thrown by it. Debugging can also be very helpful in troubleshooting these kind of problems.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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