Question about server error (500)

I am creating a form and I have 3 tables from my database as shown in the img.

then in I think def(LocalData) as shown in the image

All this code works for me locally. but when trying to render it gives me the error Server Error (500).
then i look in the logs and i get this

I attach an image where I get the error


I don’t know why it generates the error or it will be because I am using a free account and that is why it does not let me save more than 3 times or I am wrong.

I apologize for my English I hardly speak it but I try to communicate with the tools that exist.
I will be waiting for an answer.

Hi Gustavo,
I can see we’ve already solved this via another support channel - it would be really helpful in the future if you don’t contact us multiple times via different channels about the same thing,


John B

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