Serialization error with Postgres Replica

Hi there,

I just migrated a couple of database (primary + replica) from Heroku and I’m facing with errors I never met on Heroku (I was also running on Postgres 11).

Some long running queries fail with:

** ERROR 40001 (serialization_failure) canceling statement due to conflict with recovery
User query might have needed to see row versions that must be removed.

I guess some replica settings are somewhat different between Heroku replica and yours, but I’m no DB expert. Can you help? :man_shrugging:

Hi @cblavier,

Thanks for letting us know about this! We took a look at the replication settings, and did find some ways we could better tune it (and other replicas, too) to alleviate this problem.

I’ve made the configuration changes on your database. Can you let me know if the problem is still occurring, or if things look good to you now?