Seeking Community Assistance with Sound Issues (Microsoft Text-to_speech) services is not working on


I am now reaching out within the community forum, seeking your valuable assistance.

The issue I am encountering pertains to sound problems related to the Text-to-Speech Service hosted on Specifically, when deploying my application on the Render platform, I have observed that while the text-to-speech service itself functions as expected, the generated sound is not audible.

To provide further context, I would like to emphasize that the sound is not derived from an audio file with typical extensions such as .mp3 or .mov. Rather, it is dynamically generated by the text-to-speech service from Microsoft Azure using Python. When I run this service on my local machine, the sound functions perfectly. However, upon deploying my application to Render, I have noticed that while the text-to-speech service itself works as expected, the sound cannot be heard on the hosted platform. Therefore, conventional troubleshooting methods related to file formats or local device settings do not apply in this scenario.

I am seeking the expertise of the community members to help identify the root cause of this issue and provide insights or solutions that could rectify the sound problem on the Render platform. Your collective knowledge and support in addressing this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kindly share any relevant experiences, advice, or suggestions that may help resolve this sound issue effectively. Your professional input will play a significant role in ensuring the functionality of this crucial service.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Best regards,

Fahad Mohamed

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