Scout addon minor issue

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I’m configuring the Scout addon for my rails application using the config/scout_apm.yml file but the key isn’t being picked up so my application isn’t connecting to Scout.

Running the rake scout:doctor rails command through the Render shell shows that the key is being set to nil by an environment variable (see screenshot)

I can also find the SCOUT_KEY in the rails env variables set to nil with this ENV.keys['SCOUNT_KEY'] #=> nil.


Blank SCOUT_KEY env variable is overwriting yaml config. My app doesn’t have a SCOUT_KEY env in it’s settings.

Assuming SCOUT_KEY is set somewhere by Render after installing a global addon?

Can confirm SCOUT_KEY is being set to nil in another rails app running on Render where the Scout gem not installed.

Temporary Fix:

Override nil value by setting SCOUT_KEY in my app’s env variables.

Expected behaviour:

Blank SCOUT_KEY shouldn’t exist in my app’s env variables.

I would like all my credentials to live in the rails config/credentials.yml.enc file so the app if fast & easy to port to other environments and providers with minimal ENVs.

Ideally, even if the addon correctly populates the SCOUT_KEY, I would like the choice to remove it so the yaml file credentials are used.

Hi @sam,

When I check your service by logging in through the shell, I see that the SCOUT_KEY environment variable is set correctly (I ran printenv SCOUT_KEY) . It looks like something in your process itself is changing the environment variable.

To debug, you might want to update your start command to start with printenv SCOUT_KEY && to confirm that it’s present before your process starts, which should help you narrow down where it’s getting overwritten.

Hey @dan ,

Yep, that’s because I implemented the temporary fix, described in my message above, because I wanted Scout to work :sweat_smile:

As I mentioned in my message above, I saw the same problem in a completely separate Render Rails app that didn’t have the scout gem installed or any scout logic in the code.

For example, I just spun up a web service called “testy-mc-test-test”

If you can search the code base in that web service, you should find absolutely no reference to scout.

When I run env in the terminal, I see the SCOUT_KEY is set to a blank value which Rails picks up as a blank value, overwriting the Scout yaml file.

Thanks for helping me understand better—I was misinterpreting what the problem was. You’re right: we’re setting empty values for the environment variable.

We’ve identified the source of the issue and are deploying a fix now. I’ll update this thread when the fix has been released.

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@sam the fix is out now. Can you try redeploying your application and let me know if the problem has been resolved, or if it still persists?