Missing `secret_key_base` for Production with Rails

Trying to deploy

ArgumentError: Missing secret_key_base for ‘production’ environment, set this string with bin/rails credentials:edit

Now there is A secret_key_base in the file. So I don’t know what it is complaining about really. Any ideas? Been searching the web but nothing seems to work.

The bin/rails credentials:edit is borked when using Atom as it won’t open the Atom editor ( seems to be a common but unfixed problem ) but this is an aside.

To answer my own question. You need to go to dashboard, environment and set an environment variable SECRET_KEY_BASE with your secret_key_base value.

Easy once you know.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for updating your post with your solution to help other community members.

It seems that in Rails environments other than development/test, it will check through various locations for the secret_key_base, starting with the env var:

...ENV["SECRET_KEY_BASE"] || credentials.secret_key_base || secrets.secret_key_base...


From that, it seems the credentials method should’ve also worked, however, I guess that possibly depends on how your credentials file(s) and master key are set up.

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