Safari Render Dashboard

Hi All,

Over the last circa 72 hours, I have found that aside from the landing page (and pages not requiring login), I can no longer load the Render dashboard in Safari. Chrome works fine but Safari will just display a white blank page. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hey Pietro,
I’m not a Safari user myself but checked it out and I didn’t see any problems with Safari - are you using any extensions that might be blocked? Does the web inspector reveal anything perhaps?


John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

i hadnt changed a single setting when the issue arose. render dashboard is almost always an open tab. Still doesnt work, and i note another user on a mac product seeing the same issue now.

Please could you share some details? e.g. OS/Browser and their versions so that we can try and reproduce the issue.

For example, testing on MacOS (Sonoma, 14.2.1) and Safari (17.2.1), my Render dashboard loads as expected.


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