Can't log in after upgrading account to Team

After upgrading my account, I can’t seem to log in.

When I go to, the “Dashboard” button shows in the top right corner. I click on it, it briefly shows my dashboard, then it redirects to the register page (not the log in page). I then go to log in but clicking on log in does nothing.

Checking the network tab on chrome, it says this:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“rate limited”,“path”:[“signIn”]}],“data”:{“signIn”:null}}

Seems like a Chrome issue. I can log in fine on Safari.

Hey Joe,
We some other login issues around this time, can you try again and let me know if it’s working, Chrome and Safari,


John B

Seems ok on Chrome now

Now it’s happening on both Safari and Chrome for me.

Please help. We’re trying to run a business here. Can’t even log in to the dashboard.

Experiencing the same problem atm on all browsers.

I’ve also been having problems with the login on and off over the last months. But right now, it’s also entirely not working for me (Firefox and Vivaldi). I’m always staying on the sign-in page instead of being forwarded to the dashboard.

P.S.: I’m just on the free tier, so I didn’t upgrade my account.

The Render support just responded to me with this (via email):

This is a known issue that can occur around this time of the day, we’re aware of it and are working on a solution.

It should resolve itself within a couple of minutes.

Update: Looks like the sign-in is working again.

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