Rust web service timing out frequently during deploy

Hello there,

We are trying to deploy a Rust web application and keep getting deployment timeouts without any clear error message. Deploys also take a very long time. We were able to get a few deploys working, but when we went to upgrade the plan we are on (to ideally get faster build times) the deployments fail now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It seems like clearing the cache and rebuilding helps, but that takes extra time (so not something we can do on each deploy) and we are unable to upgrade the plan and clear and rebuild in the same operation. This essentially makes it so we can’t currently upgrade this app at all.

Hi Julian,

You mentioned builds starting to fail when you upgrade from free to paid. Could you make sure you’re binding to (we’ve got a fix for this in the works, but as of now works for the free tier but not paid, so this is a very common gotcha).

Would you also be able to point me to a service id where you were seeing these issues?

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