Ruby 3.1.3 fails to install

Just trying to upgrade a Ruby app to MRI 3.1.3, and the installation of Ruby fails. It seems it’s the same issue as in the past:

/opt/render/project/rubies/ruby-3.1.3/bin/ruby: File name too long
/home/render/ line 70: /usr/local/bin/gem: Argument list too long
/home/render/ line 79: /usr/local/bin/gem: Argument list too long
/home/render/ line 3: /usr/bin/tput: Argument list too long

… so I presume this also impacts MRI 2.7.7 and 3.0.5 as well. Would love to have these releases available as a precompiled option, especially given these Ruby versions are due to a security patch :sweat_smile:

This should be fixed now. Try again?

Thanks @anurag - I can confirm the builds are working well now :slight_smile:

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