Installation of Ruby 2.7.3 fails

Upgrading to the latest Ruby security fix fails for a Ruby configured service.

This is the build-log build failure ruby 2.7.3 · GitHub

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We’re looking into this @Peter_Schroder. Thanks for the detailed report.


I’m Getting the same issue with the same exact log. Same errors, Filename too long and argument list too long.

Also extends to Ruby 3.0.1 and Ruby 2.6.7

@Peter_Schroder @ParamagicDev We pre-built those newer versions of Ruby (2.7.3, 3.0.1, and 2.6.7), which should make builds more reliable and faster. Can you retry and let us know how it goes? Thank you for being patient.

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Fixed on this end! Was able to redeploy our app under 2.7.3 ! Thanks for your timely support @david !

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