Rewrite uppercase urls to their corresponding lowercase instead of 404

how to rewrite uppercase URL to their corresponding lowercase instead of 404 page. I have looked into URL Redirects and Rewrites | Render doesn’t appear to have any info related to what I am looking for. I am also looking for ending slashes like /blog/ to redirect to /blog in a 301 redirect.


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Please could you give an example (with URLs) of the casing scenario you’re describing?

Configurable trailing slash options aren’t currently on Static Sites, however, these is a feature request on our feedback site: please feel free to upvote/comment.

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Alan appears as a 404 page but currently, exists. So I want to redirect 1st link to 2nd link instead of appearing a 404 page. Does it make sense?

Thanks for the example, URLs are case-sensitive, however, the redirects/rewrites feature doesn’t have any casing options currently (please feel free to add that as a feature request for the team & other customers to review).

If this is the only example where you have the issue you could add a redirect of /blog/COOKIE-BANNER/blog/cookie-banner. In addition, you may also want to ensure that any links you control are in the correct case.

Please let us know if we can assist any further.


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