Render is not reading 'process.env.BACKEND_BASE_URL' from environment variables and my request url is always wrong

Hi Render,

Problem Statement
I have deployed a web service and added the backend url to frontend’s environment variables but for some reason the frontend can’t read it properly.

Some Context
I have frontend code:

import axios from "axios";

const baseURL =
  process.env.NODE_ENV === "development"
    ? "http://localhost:7000"
    : process.env.BACKEND_BASE_URL;

 const api = axios.create({

And I added BACKEND_BASE_URL to my static site’s environment variables in Render.

I have double checked my branch is correct and deployed latest commit successfully. But request base url turned out to be the frontend url instead of what I defined in environment variables.

I found it super weird and have been struggling for hours… Can anyone help? Thanks a lot!

Solved. Environment variables need REACT_APP_ as prefix to work for React.

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