APP_URL env variable can't be set

I’m having a really odd problem with render. The env variable APP_URL always returns as my render domain minus the “https://”

No matter what i set it as or where i set it. I can get all other env variables fine but that one just won’t take. I’m getting around the problem by creating a new variable BASE_URL but I was wondering if there was anyway to avoid having to do that and being able to overwrite the APP_URL variable?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

You’ve not really covered how you’re setting or reading these variables. You may want to double-check the variable at a few points:

  • The obvious one, that the APP_URL env var you’ve set includes https:// and that you’ve had a successful deploy since setting it.
  • If using shared env groups, check if the same var/value is set.
  • Check in the “Shell” tab what value is returned in the environment, e.g. echo $APP_URL

If those values are as you expect, I would guess you’re seeing the issue when reading the value in code and something there may be stripping it?

Hope that helps


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