Render Free Tier - Billing Limit and Network Throttling for POC


I’m evaluating Render for one of our web services. I’m planning to start with the free tier, but I noticed there are network overage charges. Is it possible to set a billing limit so that if our usage exceeds the limit, our network connection is throttled instead of incurring additional charges?

Since this is a poc phase, we’re comfortable with potential service outages or performance degradation. However, we’d like to avoid unexpected charges, especially since we don’t have firewalls in place to prevent external abuse yet.


Hi Brio,

We don’t have this capability today. I’d encourage you to upvote this existing feature request at It helps to include as much context as possible about your use case, the problem you’re looking to solve, and how you’re getting around it today to help us develop the best possible solution.

We rely heavily on customer feedback as a part of our planning and product roadmap process, so capturing interest on the feature request page is very helpful.

That being said, it is worth noting that if your service is part of a DDoS attack, you are not charged for the traffic Cloudflare classifies as a part of the DDoS.



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