Render Free node.js websocket disconnects for no reason

I have seen posts about this from a few years ago, that the free version of Render will just randomly disconnect sockets for seemingly no reason.
I tested it today, I connected to a socket with client and pinged it every 30 seconds, after 15 minutes the server logs show
disconnected socket with code: 1006
I suppose the disconnections are still the case? In that case I cant use free Render for my project.

Hey, Brian.

We have already addressed this issue with you privately, but it could be of use to others, as well.

Free services spin down after 15 minutes of inactivity. Once the service has been terminated, it can no longer maintain an existing socket. Activity includes new requests made to the service. Since an existing, ongoing socket connection is not a new request, it isn’t counted for the purposes of activity.

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