Render deploy stuck


I am trying to deploy my django project, with the start command of ‘python runserver’

There is no errors, however it doesnt go live and the log is stuck at Running ‘python runserver’

Any help would be appreciated

Hey Katie,

With the current amount of info provided, our ability to assist is limited. There are a lot reasons why a deploy might be ‘stuck’ or fail. Often, a deploy appears stuck because the health check is failing repeatedly, or we’re unable to locate a running application that includes an HTTP server and an available port.

Ensure that your application is running on and that an HTTP server is being initiated. If the issue persists, please provide more details here or reach out to us through the dashboard.

Render Support, UTC+3 in the default django project is for development and has DEGUG level on and also polls for file changes. there is a great article on how to deploy django by using a production webserver instead of the script

good luck

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