RedisClient::OutOfMemoryError while metrics show it is almost empty

I made the switch from Heroku to Render on monday. Since then, I get a lot of RedisClient::OutOfMemoryError from one cron job. When I check the Redis metics, memory usage is at 10% of the maximum. So I don’t understand where this error is about.
When running on Heroku, I never had this problem, and I don’t know what to do to find the source of this error.

App is Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Sidekiq, etc. Nothing fancy.

Hi Teddy,

As this is about a specific service we’d request that you login to our dashboard and contact us via the ‘Help’ link at the top of our dashboard and make sure you pick the service that this question relates to from your account.

As this is a public forum it’s probably best not to share that directly here,


John B

Thanks for the answer, I did not know about this Help section, sorry :slight_smile: