Reading / adjusting Redis maxmemory

Hi there, I’m using Redis as a temporary cache for user data. The data can get quite large, from 2 MB to 15 MB. Although my Redis database has space, and has a maxmemory policy that allows it to delete keys when storage is full, I’m getting this error:

OOM command not allowed when used memory > ‘maxmemory’.

In Python the getsizeof() command claims that the data I’m trying to upload is about 13 MB. For a file of 2 MB everything works fine.

I tried connecting through redis-cli, but I have no permission to use the config command. Can someone tell me what the memory limit is and if there’s some way to increase it?

If it matters - I’m using a free redis instance, but I’m willing to upgrade to a starter one if it increases the maxmemory.

The Redis command info will be more useful here as that will show you a break down of whats in use etc,


John B

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