Rails (Web Service) Asset Pipeline

To test render.com I am currently trying to deploy my Rails 7 App on the Free Plan. The Deployment itself is running fine. But after accessing the Application, I am getting a “500 Internal Server error”.

Looking at the logs, this seems to be, because it cannot serve the static assets:
ActionView::Template::Error (The asset “image.png” is not present in the asset pipeline.

I was following the Guides.

My built command looks the following:

bundle install; bundle exec rake assets:precompile; bundle exec rake assets:clean; bundle exec rails db:migrate;

Is there anything else, which I need to consider?

Hi there,

This is a little hard to answer as we don’t know your application’s configuration. I guess the first question is, do you have the image.png file somewhere under your app/assets/images folder?

It might be best if you open a ticket directly with us so we can specifically check your application config.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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