Python stdout is not on logs

Hi there, I’m new to render and I’m moving from heroku. I have a python script that runs a simple web page with tornado, but my log are not present on the ‘Logs’ screen. Neither do normal print statements work, or using python default logging module.

The application that I’m using is a Web Service on the Free Plan.

From previous results from this forum I found that the standard stdout should be redirected to the logs but this it’s not currently happening.

The same script works (with both prints and logging calls appearing in the logs) in heroku, so I don’t think that there’s an issue in my script.

Should I perhaps redirect stdout or something?

Additional info: I can see warning logs from tornado on the Logs screen, but nothing else.

Nov 18 03:30:25 PM WARNING:tornado.access:404 GET /favicon.ico ( 0.59ms

Not sure what is the difference between the different tornado log messages, but there other general info and my custom logs that are not being shown…

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey there,

Anything written to stdout should appear in the logs.

This behaviour can be confirmed by deploying a repo as a cronjob with a file containing:

print( "Hello Standard Output!" )

executing the script, the log output shows:

Nov 23 02:24:42 PM ==> Starting service with ' python3'Nov 23 02:24:42 PM Hello Standard Output!

John B

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