Python FastAPI Framework Support

Hi Team, we have a Python FastAPI Framework app. Any ETA if this is being worked on? Alternatively we can deploy via Docker but need docker-compose support.

Hi jedihugo,

You should be able to use the python environment for the Python FastAPI framework. From the docs it looks like you can use pip to install the FastAPI framework and its dependencies.

For python environments Render supports adding dependencies via pip as part of the build command.

Are you trying to use Docker as you require system dependencies that are not included in our python environment ?

Hi shantanu,

Hmm, yeah, looks like I can do build command online. Apology for asking too quickly, relatively new to Render here, I thought the only deploy is auto deploy.

Not at all. Thank you for asking the question!

This post will help a lot of other people who have a similar question in the future :smiley:

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