Error in deploying my FASTAPI app

I am trying to deploy my FASTAPI application using Render and I keep getting this error in my logs

==> No open ports detected, continuing to scan...
==> Docs on specifying a port:

I am exposing PORT 8000 in my Dockerfile

CMD ["uvicorn", "main:app", "--host", "", "--reload", "--port", "8000"]

but I am not sure why Render is not able to pick it up.

This happens in the free version.

I want to use Docker as the service used to deploy my service as I have more confidence in it. I did see an option to set up python3 as a service. I am not sure if I have to set it up.

Hi Anandaraj,

I’ve responded to the support ticket you opened about this. Let’s keep the conversation there to avoid duplicating threads.