PRIVATE SERVICE Deploy failed ,no one help

I have a node js , running great at local ,

after I deployed it to PRIVATE SERVICE, the deployed processing kept hanging on me and failed!


As I’ve just replied to you via your email to our Support team about this same topic, we’re here in the Support team to help you get any issue you encountered resolved in the fastest possible way.

For our team to do so, they need information from you - the name of the service, the service ID maybe, actually contacting us from a Render account email address - as was indicated when you created this posting:

Our team aren’t mind readers - help us, to help you!

John B

In the interest of sharing the outcome here.

Thor_king was deploying a script as a private service - we expect a private service to expose an http port else we fail the deploy after 900 seconds as ‘Timed Out’. So whilst it appeared that the script was executing, after 15 minutes it is stopped as we marked the deploy as failed.

I’ve fed this back to the team to see if we can make the “Timed out” message more useful and explain why it timed out here.