Port configuration, Arduino doesn't connect to the requested resource.

I have a Django application running on Render.com, but my Arduino device is not connecting to the service. When I use a browser, it finds the service immediately, but when I try to consume the resource from the Arduino device, it simply fails.

That said, I’ve tried using beeceptor.com for testing, and there are no issues. I believe it’s the way ports are managed on Render.com, but I don’t know what I should configure to allow me to connect from the device.

HttpClient http(client, server, port);

It requires me to specify the port, and from what I understood, the port is 10000, but this is used internally. The accepted requests are on ports 443 and 80, but neither of these ports works on the device.

Which port should I use, or what should I configure in the service?


Render Web Services are only available publicly on port 443 (the HTTPS default). HTTP (Port 80) requests will be redirected to HTTPS ((docs)[https://render.com/docs/web-services#connecting-from-the-public-internet])

The port you use in your code is for platform internal/private network use only, it’s not accessible publicly.

Maybe HttpClient doesn’t support HTTPS?


The port I’m using in the Arduino code is 443, and HttpClient is compatible with HTTPS. I’ve tested it with other platforms, and the calls are received correctly. I don’t know what’s happening.

If the requests are working in the browser, it would point to something different about the Arduino request. Y

You would need to see if the Arduino client can provide some more detail of the issue it’s having, e.g. errors, logs, HTTP status code, headers, etc.


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