Postgres pg_cron extension

Hi there

Could the pg cron extension be enabled for postgres?

Is there a way to add this manually right now until it’s official?

It looks like pg cron runs on postgres 12, which is supported in Render. Here’s more detail on specifying your desired postgres version in Render.

Can the render team do this upgrade for me?

These steps should really be performed by the owner of the database. Can you give those steps(linked above) a try?

I don’t see the pg cron extension listed in Databases | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

Are you sure it’s supported if I create a new postgres 12 instance?

Hi @viperfx ,

Sorry about the confusion. We were mistaken. pg_cron is not supported right now. I’ve added a feature request to track this pg_cron extension | Feature Requests | Render that you can upvote and add a comment with your use case.

Right now, a good workaround would be to create a cron job that’s able to connect to your Postgres instance.