Passport-local deseralizeUser called in dev, not in deployment

(Yes, I know class components are outdated, updating to functional/hooks after successful deployment)

I have implemented a MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js) application with authentication using Passport’s local strategy and ES6.

When the user logs in, they send a request to the “/auth/login” route, which is authenticated using the passport.authenticate() method. If the authentication is successful, the server sends a “success” response back to the client.

Once the client receives the “success” response, the App.js component’s componentDidMount() method is called. In this method, the client sends a request to the "/auth/test" route to check if the user is authenticated using req.isAuthenticated().

If the user is authenticated, the server sends back the user object, which is then stringified and stored in the client’s local storage to indicate that the user is logged in.

Development Mode:
For development, I am having the client on one port and the API on another. Everything works fine.

After deployment, I am hosting both the client and API through

  • I have ensured that all the environment variables are set properly within Render
  • I have updated any baseURL to match the new client and API URLs respectively as I move away from localhost.
  • I have put console.log’s everywhere to ensure the flow is as expected (it’s not. See below).

Current Flow:

  • serializeUser() is called with the correct id.
  • localStrategy is called and it finds the correct user and password and returns done(null, userObj).
  • /auth/login returns the expected status.
  • componentDidMount() fires in App.js.
  • /auth/test (in componentDidMount()) fires and this is where we check req.isAuthenticated.

Notes on CORS:

  • I am not receiving any errors/warnings about CORS
  • I am opting in from the client with credentials: "include"
  • I am opting in from the server with
    const allowedOrigins =
      process.env.NODE_ENV === "development"
        ? "http://localhost:3000"
        : "";
    const corsOptions = {
      origin: allowedOrigins,
      credentials: true,

req.isAuthenticated() returns false because req is uninitialized.

What I’ve witnessed (through console logs):

  • deserializeUser() is never called
  • Cookies are never set during deployment (Cookie sets fine in dev)
  • There are no errors within the API logs
  • I get no errors on the console

Thank you

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